Meet the Inspiring Team

Here is the people behind Inspiring KITA.

BUDI Setiawan

Chief Inspiration Officer

With over 20 years of experience in the fields of human capital, training and development, Budi–or infamously known as ‘Buset’–is the founder and frontman of Inspiring KITA. 

Budi has hosted over 50 successful trainings since 2019, including 25 virtual trainings during the pandemic, with a 99% satisfaction ratings. Budi strives to keep innovating and keep inspiring more people as his missions for a better future.

MARIA Panggih

Chief Operating Officer

The Leading Lady of Inspiring KITA’s entire operation, creative services, and resource management, Maria is easily considered as the ‘Mother of KITA’. 

Maria is one of the Game Masters for our many high tech team building programs, focusing as the backend manager to ensure every program works smoothly. She is also currently in-charge with our social media platforms. 

DIANE Natassia

Chief Research & Development

Started off as the Branding consultant and strategist, Diane now heads the Research and Development division for Inspiring KITA.

With the increasing demands for innovative solutions in the training field, Diane will focus on the improvement and development of training materials, gamified learning contents and design, and related innovative endeavours that are applicable for every Inspiring KITA’s programs.

LIDYA Intansari 

Finance Controller

Lidya is the controller for all financial matter in Inspiring KITA. Our finance division has the responsibility to oversee the entire operation, starting from expenses, investments, strategy planning, self improvement projects, and future innovative development plans, to ensure that we have the resources and healthy financial status to pursue our missions and realise our vision.

Lidya also handles paperworks for our clients with extra care and details, making sure that every transaction with us is safe and efficient. 

PT Kreasi Tiyasa Asia


Artha Gading Kav. Komersial Blok D No. 3, Jl. Boulevard Artha Gading, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara 14240

Contact No.: +62.813.70.2000.70


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Inspiring KITA is the Exclusive Licensed Partner of Catalyst Global in Indonesia