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Demo – Race Around The World (RATW)

Our Newest Remote Program : RACE AROUND THE WORLD ūüĆć

Bored at home? Love traveling? What if we told you that you can travel around the world from the comfort of your home?

On 6th of June-20, we were running our first Demo for¬†RACE AROUND THE WORLD ūüĆ欆and we had so much fun, also positives feedback from some of our potential clients.

Mind Coffee Online with Race Around the World will be online SOON!! Stay tuned!



Mind Coffee Online 2020

Due to recent COVID-19 concerns in Jakarta, KITA Learning & Consulting have decided to postpone our first Mind Coffee in 2020 which should be held on last March.

On May 15th 2020, we finally held our First Mind Coffee Online Session with The Infinite Loop Online

The BENEFITS are as follows :

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Challenge yourself, be a team member, improve your communication and collaboration skills, and expand your network!!!

Finally, we would like to thank all of you who have participated in our Mind Coffee Online “Team Up from Home with The Infinite Loop Online”

And, thank you for the positive feedback!


Catalyst Asia Zone 2019

Here’s what happened at Asia Pacific Team Building industry conference in Queenstown, New Zealand!

Delegates from across the Asia Pacific region gathered at the Crowne Plaza, Queenstown for the annual regional conference of Team Building Industry providers. Delegates gathered in the brisk, sunny evening before the conference. Took a scenic ride on the Queenstown Skyline Gondola to the top of Bob’s Peak to take in the panoramic views of Queenstown and the surrounding peaks. The group then enjoyed faced paced freedom as they took the driving seat on the gravity-fuelled Skyline Luge!

The conference kicked off with informal presentations around the theme of New Power Values. Delegates shared stories and reflected on the peer collaboration, openness and crowd wisdom of the group. This set a framework for high-level business discussions and sharing around topics such as business management, staffing, sales, customer relationship and the like. Stuart Harris from Team Building Asia, ran an insightful session on Marketing. Despite the market differences, there were gems of information that each delegate could take back to their business to apply for greater success, in the words of Kingsley Seale from Be Challenged Australia.

discussion at asia zone conference 2019

“Small tweaks for big outcomes.”

A session on “product” provided delegates with a useful opportunity to share best practice and keep up to date with what is going on in the region. The #newpower theme continued with partners identifying ways they could assist others in the region to deliver product ensuring the standard of excellence they all adhere to is upheld.

Tablet-based apps, VR, AR and old school communication.

In practical product sessions, delegates learnt about improvements to tablet-based team games, Go Team and Quickfire and new release features to VR team game The Infinite Loop. Delegates were also introduced to a tantalising new AR and VR programs to be released later in the year.

Stu Robertson from locally based Team Up Events NZ, facilitated strategic thinking learning activity, Situation Room. Situation Room, designed and developed in New Zealand was launched earlier in 2019 and is already being sold in markets as far flung as South Africa and Scotland. It is a practical way for teams to develop an understanding of cross functional communication in situational leadership and high performance under pressure.

Newly released, experiential learning activity iBuild, which reinforces the importance of clear communication and feedback, is a popular and refreshingly simple activity that was enjoyed by all at the conference.

ibuild asia zone conference 2019

Scenery. Wine. Food. Action.

Each day, the afternoons were set aside for informal networking and experiencing all that Queenstown has to offer. Delegates took a leisurely bike ride through the vineyards provided by Around the Basin, Starting at Kawarau Suspension Bridge, the home of bungy, delegates cycled along the Gibbston River Trail at a leisurely pace visiting amazing wineries, cheesery and brewery ending up at the Gibbston Tavern for networking over pizza and beer.

Delegates took the world-famous jet boat ride speeding over water as shallow as 10cm, experiencing 360-degree spins along the famous Shotover River. The experience, which is proudly owned by NgńĀi Tahu, the MńĀori people¬†of that land, was an amazing blend of pristine natural landscape with wall to wall canyon action from start to finish.

bike the vineyards asia zone conference 2019

Collating feedback on the sessions and activities at the conference was made simple through Catalyst Global’s easily customisable Conference¬†Quickfire¬†application. Overall, the Asia Pacific Team Building Conference was a fantastic success. Delegates are looking forward to catching up in Dublin, Ireland in August 2020 with European and American team building companies!

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Mind Coffee – The Brain

KITA Learning & Consulting presents:

“Mind Coffee: THE BRAIN”

An innovative public workshop that encourages you to discover that hidden gems in yourself that you might have forgotten were in you all along. This workshop features one of the most popular programs from Catalyst Global named BEAT THE BOX.

In any of our workshops, participants may seem skeptical at first when they first joined our workshops. BUT, at the end of the day, they went home with great experience, worked out brain function, great network, and a big smile on their face! 

Thank you for our lovely participants that joined the first-ever Mind Coffee workshop in Jakarta!


Catalyst di Indonesia

Tentang Catalyst di Indonesia

Team Building Catalyst beroperasi di Indonesia dengan lisensi eksklusif dipegang oleh Inspiring KITA, perusahaan team building premier Indonesia.

Mengapa Catalyst?

Catalyst Global secara luas diakui sebagai pemimpin dunia dalam team building inovatif. Aktivitas team building Catalyst sudah memenangkan penghargaan. Mereka telah memenuhi standar industri untuk inovasi, keunggulan dalam desain dan pengiriman, serta relevansi dengan lingkungan bisnis saat ini.

Portofolio Kami

Kami terkenal akan portofolio kami yang mengesankan atas aktivitas team building dan kemampuan kami untuk menyesuaikan acara kami pada situasi apa pun, tujuan atau kelompok di mana pun, dan melakukannya dengan perhatian fokus pada rincian organisasi, tepat waktu dan sesuai anggaran.

Pengiriman Berstandar Tinggi

Kami menawarkan pengalaman tanpa risiko bagi klien kami. Berkat perhatian kami terhadap detail, pengiriman tingkat tinggi dan pengalaman yang luas. Dan sebagai bagian dari Catalyst Group, kami memiliki akses terhadap portofolio yang sudah terbukti global atas aktivitas team building dan permainan pelatihan bisnis, yang mana kami berikan dengan berpegang teguh pada standar unggul Catalyst Global.

Studi kasus dan testimonial kami menghadirkan bukti nyata akan nilai-nilai kami dan mendemonstrasikan manfaat dari acara team building dan program pembelajaran berbasis pengalaman yang kami tawarkan. Kami menawarkan tingkat layanan yang setara kepada para klien jangka panjang multinasional kami dan bisnis kecil, serta pelanggan baru.

Hubungan kami dengan Anda

Kami senang berinteraksi dengan peserta kami, menginspirasi prestasi bagi delegasi dan membantu menciptakan perubahan pada organisasi Anda. Kami yakin bahwa pengalaman team building kami akan berhasil meraih tujuan-tujuan Anda pada hari itu, mendapatkan hasil yang bertahan lama dan menyenangkan serta menarik!

Izinkan kami bekerja bersama Anda untuk menyesuaikan solusi yang tepat untuk kelompok Anda. Hubungi kami.

Tentang kami

KITA adalah platform inspirasional yang didesain dan dibuat untuk menyediakan solusi profesional melalui aktivitas team building dan lokakarya pelatihan yang secara unik didesain untuk menyesuaikan kebutuhan spesifik organisasi Anda. KITA berkomitmen memastikan aktivitas-aktivitas yang kami berikan memiliki dampak positif bagi semua peserta dengan hasil yang bertahan lama untuk membantu memperkuat fondasi dalam manajemen organisasi serta pengembangan soft skill.

Kami bangga pada diri sendiri yang orisinal, nyata terbukti dan bersemangat tinggi dalam usaha kami membantu Anda menciptakan perubahan organisasi yang bertahan lama. Kami unggul dari para kompetitor karena kami selalu mencari konsep-konsep dan ide-ide baru yang dapat memenuhi hasil yang diinginkan klien kami. Inilah yang mendorong kami untuk mengambil lisensi eksklusif akan produk-produk team building Catalyst.

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