Engineering Team Culture, A Pioneer in Next Level Team Building in Indonesia

As of May 2022, Inspiring KITA is officially dedicated to inspiring Teams everywhere. We will be focusing our trainings in the establishment, development, and improvement of Teams in our Next Level Team Building programs. 


The main reason as to why we decide to focus ourselves on Teams is because we see teamwork as an indispensable and unnegotiable term for every organization. Every organization, be it small or big, always has sets of teams in its work culture. A good teamwork is one of the most essential factors in determining the success of every organization. Teamwork affects the entire performance of every organization and may be one of the determining aspects for achieving the set objectives. 

Inspiring KITA also would like to explore more innovative, creative, and breakthrough approaches for team building in Indonesia, escaping the regular, mainstream activities that have been associated with team building for so many years. We want to change people’s perspectives and intakes on team building by promoting out-of-the-box and high-tech training programs and activities. 

In celebration of this shift, Inspiring KITA would also proudly announce the change of our beloved company logo. From KITA Learning & Consulting, we are shifting ourselves into KITA. 

This particular change, though not major, will give us the much-needed freedom to explore more of our own identity as a company, to offer better solutions for our clients, and to provide improved quality of our services. As a company, Inspiring KITA will continue to inspire more with this change, not limiting ourselves to just being a learning and consulting organization but being one that is evolving beyond that. The possibility is endless! 

This announcement is made and published so that Inspiring KITA, together with you, can embrace the ever-changing circumstances happening in the world and within ourselves, evolving into a better version of ourselves, and continuously inspiring. 

Thank you for being on this journey with us until now and please look forward to the exciting new journey ahead and expect more inspiring things from us here at Inspiring KITA!  


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