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In collaboration with Catalyst Global–UK-based expert team building gamification developer with over 30 years of experience and partners in more than 90 countries of the world, Inspiring KITA presents Catalyst Indonesia. We bring out hundreds of the most innovative, creative, and state-of-the-art team building programs for our Indonesian audience. Each of these programs has its own key learning outcomes that cater to most, if not, all of your organisation and team building needs. 

Here are some of our Best-Selling programs in Indonesia. 

race around the world

Our TOP Best-Selling online team building program since the pandemic started! Race Around the World brings you and your team challenging race throughout cities all over the world remotely! 


This online program is in the Top 3 Best Seller program in Indonesia. Do not be fooled with its simple program design! Because, Peak Performance will not hesitate to challenge your strategic thinking skills to the max. 


This is our virtual reality (VR) based program that is available in both on-site and online. The Infinite Loop was awarded the Best Team Building Product in 2019 by Poland’s MP Power Awards. The program challenges your team work and communication skills.

csi space odyssey – online

If you’d like to hone your investigation skills, this is the right program for you and your team! CSI Space Odyssey is an investigative online-based program that will challenge your decision making skill, team dynamic, time management, and more.

beat the box

This program is our TOP Best-Selling team building program for on-site training. The game challenges your comprehensive skill, team collaboration, problem solving, and transformative thinking. You and your team will be asked to solve the codes in order to open all boxes for the win!

chain reaction – table

A collaborative team building program that challenges your resources management, chain management, and creativity at the same time. Chain Reaction is one of the best on-site programs we have had the pleasure to host for several companies with amazing outcomes.

haunted house

Haunted House is one of the latest online programs with a spooky theme, guaranteed to haunt you with lots of fun, mystery (problem) solving, and team work. You and your team will work together to escape the haunted house lest you’d be trapped inside forever.

go team

For scavenger hunters, this program is highly recommended for you! GO Team is a GPS-based team building program that will take you and your team on an adventure of a lifetime. We have hosted Indonesia’s first GO Team race in 3 different cities, which are Yogyakarta, Solo, and Semarang back in 2019. So, where will your adventure be?

bean around the world

Step into the world of competitive selling and healthy negotiation through selling coffee beans. This program lets you and your team be one of the many coffee bean suppliers that is trying to negotiate prices, distribution rights, strategic selling, and collaborative approach as a winning strategy. 

More awesome team building programs are available in Catalyst Indonesia’s website. Check out which one suits your needs and let us provide you with the best team building package!

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